“Russian Book House ” is a multifunctional, public, cultural and educational center, which includes a public library, a bookstore, a cafe and a platform for social and creative events.

“Russian Book House” was opened on September 17, 202 at the initiative of the Russian Foundation “Eurasian Research Institute” and the efforts of the President of the Board of Directors of “Messier group” companies Mr.Mher Avetisyan.

The publishing house “Veche” in Russia, the Russian Book Publishers Union and a number of public organizations and NGOs in Armenia and Russia also contributed to the formation of the “Russian Book House” in Yerevan.

“Russian Book House” in Yerevan is the only center abroad that has unlimited access to the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin in St. Petersburg, where more than 200 000 archival materials of various topics are stored.

Since it’s foundation, the “Russian Book House” has become another center for the focusing the Armenian and Russian cultures. The friendship of the Armenian and Russian peoples has a centuries-old history. The close fraternal relations of the two countries are based on the commonality of spiritual values, traditions and friendship.

“Russian Book House ” is a unique cultural platform that integrates people of different generations, different cultures and viewpoints.

In our creative environment, you can get acquainted with the best works of Russian and world literature in the field of art, documentary, history, philosophy, geography, children’s and a number of other spheres.

Meetings with art and literature, theater, social and scientific persons, as well as exhibitions referring to the culture and art of Armenia and Russia are regularly organized in the ” Russian Book House”. Throughout its whole activity, the ” Russian Book House” implements many социал, scientific, educational, cultural programs and projects. In just one year it became an attractive cultural center for people of Yerevan and guests, Russian culture and literature fans and lovers.
Welcome to the “Russian Book House “.

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